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Including works by: Jankel Adler, Arnold Auerbach, Lazar Berson, David Bomberg, Marion Davies, Georg Ehrlich, Benno Elkan, Moshe Galili, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Mark Gertler, Henryk Gotlib, Solomon Alexander Hart, Peter Howson, Fred Kormis, Halina Korn, Gregoire Michonze, Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, Philip Naviasky, Irving Penn, Peter Laszlo Péri, Stephen Roth, William Rothenstein, Zory Shahrokhi, Kurt Schwitters, Marek Szwarc, Edith Tudor-Hart, Marie Vorobieff-Stebelska (Marevna).



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    Ben Uri is a registered British charity (280389). We seek and need your donations to be able to fund and expand our work across our 3 principal and distinctive areas of public benefit being:

    • Research and digitally record the Jewish and immigrant contribution to British visual culture since 1900 - including the current;

    • Research and commission collection inspired art interventions for the over 70s to enrich their quality of life through digital channels;

    • Develop our pioneering first full scale virtual museum and research centre to maximise engagement across a global digital audience. 



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